Everything I’m doing currently that is helping me study.

Meet my sweet kids, Grace, Emmett, and Clair.

I had many things running through my head Monday. Normally I would write it all down in my planner, or set my plans accordingly to that specific day. But I didn’t do either or, and guess what happens when I don’t? Yes, you guessed it, I stressed myself out. I wondered how was I going to get everything done and was there enough time to do it all? It is crucial that I make sure I do this, because I split my older two children with my ex- husband, and every other week i’ll get help from my aunt to watch my baby. Or my boyfriend will have his four day’s off to be home with us, which is great.

Last semester, I knew I had to get it all figured out and have it organized. With school assignments for four classes, doctors appointments, days when I knew the kids were going to be off from school for holidays and when they had after school extracurricular activities. This semester, Grace started coach pitch and Emmett got to start T-ball. Yes, we added more the plate; I quickly need to find a way to help me get through it all, and so far I found out what works for me. Are you ready? Get a pen and paper, you’ll want to write this down.

First thing I do, is check the kids school calendar for the week. I write down what day’s they have a holiday or early release. Then I write down what activities they have after school that week as well. I really does help trust me. It lets me know what I’ll be making for dinner or if we need to order take out. I also get a visual of where I can get studying blocks in between it all; or if I have to get assignments done earlier than originally planned.

Next I look at each syllabus from my classes, to see what all I have coming up for that week. By now I know when my professors will have that weeks’ modules up so it makes it easier for me to get one of my classes done and out of the way on Saturdays’. I write on a Post- It for each individual class. The top part of the Post- It: I write the class and the due date. Then under that I write the assignments or quizzes and I draw a “check box” next to it, and check it when the task is done. By doing this I can see what all I have left to do for a class or what classes I need to focus on in general.

I then look to see what papers need to be printed out to work on for that weeks assignments, and lecture notes. Normally lecture notes will come in a PowerPoint format provided by my professors, I then click on “print” and then click on “print outline,” that way it’s just the word’s I print out, not the entire background of the slides. It helps when taking notes for the online video lectures my professors require us to listen to.

Going back to the Post-It notes, I have a note book for every two classes. I place my Post- It note on the cover of the notebook that corresponds to the class. Again this makes it a lot more simple to know where my notes are for that specific class. I didn’t think it would help me, but it did. I could look at the cover of my note books and see what I needed to do for each class and what was again already checked off.

So when I don’t have my kids, it is obviously easier to get school work done in a timely manner. I can stay up as late as I want or knock it all out as soon as class is over. I understand not everyone is in my shoes where they share their kids 50/50 with their ex spouse or they don’t get the luxury of having an amazing “Mimi” to take care of the baby. But this is what works for me with or without my kids. When I do have all of them or just Clair (baby) I’m a lot harder on myself to get my work done so I don’t loose the precious time of being in the present with them, or loose hours of sleep. At the end of the day it’s time management that will be your best studying tool to get your work done, attend to your family, focus on your normal day to day house chores. When you have the free time even if it’s twenty minutes to work out one single problem, that is okay. You are doing the best that you can for yourself and the future for your family.

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