Spring break 2020, EXTENDED!

Yes, you read this right. Spring break has been extended to an extra week. Most of the college students I’m sure are ecstatic by this news. As for me I am not, why, because I have children to keep healthy, but I also wanted them to be able to play at the park; I wanted them to enjoy their time off from school too. So, what or who do we have to thank for this?The Coronavirus disease or (COVID-19), this virus spread rapidly as many may know. It caused panic bulk purchasing of toilet paper? I’m confused by this as well, but along with that, there was bulk purchasing of food, water, cleaning supplies and anything else you can think of. At first people were joking about this virus, but then when they got scared it was time to stock up.

Just One Weekend Outing

Grace and Emmett got to spend their first week of spring break only getting to play softball and baseball last weekend, and Grace had another game Wednesday evening. What great fun for a six year old and her four year old brother. I want to take them out of the house and go play at the park, but then my mommy instincts kick in, hard, and tell me not to even risk it. I had to go over to our local grocery store to get some items, that alone was eating me up. Grace and Clair smelled like hand sanitizer before we walked out the store.

Schools are closed till further notice

Emmett was excited to tell me about his new toy.

Since the kid’s are now home from school from all of the madness, they have been watching movies, I also rediscovered ABC Mouse. It was a great way to keep the kids busy while still learning. Emmett loves to play games, but the games he now plays are teaching him as well. And Grace enjoys all of the different actives she gets to do.

Grace promises she will be going to Aggie land. She want’s to be a vet.

Organize your note books.

Since we are on this extra long break, I figured it was a good idea to re-organize my notes for one particular class in general. Everyone struggles with that one class, you know we call it a “hard” class. I decided it was a good idea to take the free time I had to go through my notes, clean out what I knew I no longer needed and kept what was important. I didn’t get the grade I wanted on my last test. I also did not read the assigned chapters. Normally I like reading the text, but the last two weeks were a little, blah! So I wanted to give you some help on keeping you motivated, and how to study for the class you don’t really like.

From going to tutorials to get extra help from my class, they also give you handouts of the most important points in the chapter. I have those along with my own notes I take while reading. My professor also sends an assignment we have to print out and work on. All of these notes I keep in one divider section. I have my binder set up for material that will only be on the test. For example chapter’s one and two are for test one, chapter’s three and four are for test two and so on. My dividers have pockets for all of the handouts/print outs.

Read. The. Chapters!

Okay, who really wants to read? Especially on material you don’t find interesting or is hard to comprehend. Fortunately I like this class, but it deals with statistics, and it’s online. Like I had mentioned before, I did not read my last two chapters, just skimmed through the pages, my exam reflected that. If you find it hard to understand, there is always this thing called e-mail. Get in contact with your professor ask questions, trust me they love knowing you are trying, and they love the fact that you actually reached out to them.

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