Co- Parenting with kids during quarantine, with school work!

Hear me out; co-parenting is excellent, at least for us. Yes, there are weeks where we forget to pack things that the kids may need, or one of them forgot the toy of the week at one of the houses. Still, once hell hit us all, their dad and I tackled quarantine with being 100% on top of their school work, whether he did homework with them when he didn’t have to work or if they were with me while I had assignments due as well.

During all the chaos, make sure communication is a priority.

The last two months were no doubt hectic, transitions of all kinds were upon us all. What helped us was that my ex-husband and I were extra open about communication on what our end goal was for the week. We do a great job already on communicating, but because of what was going on around us, we buckled down. We first learned that his career was “essential,” meaning he had to work during the quarantine. What this meant for us was that our regular schedule of getting the kids every other week, changed to now they would be home with me every week unless he was off or when he didn’t have to rest for work. Because our routine changed, this now leads us to the next topic, how I got my assignments done. 

Due dates and distractions!

I realize how fortunate I am to have children and also being able to go to college myself, but I hadn’t snapped into the reality of how difficult it was going to be. Juggling the daily house duties, the kids’ homework, my homework, a teething baby, all without the help I had come dependent on during the typical semester. 

So, I decided to start a new routine for the kids and myself. We wake up and get dressed for the day, make breakfast, and then clean up after ourselves. Clair would be ready for her mid-morning nap around 10:30 a.m.; as I rocked her to sleep, I would reflect on what assignments each of us had. Grace usually had three to four tasks during the week, which were due on Fridays. I, on the other hand, had two weeks’ worth of homework due between Friday and Saturday. 

I would assist Grace with her studies while Clair was napping, it was quick as long as she wasn’t trying to play with her toys or if Emmett wasn’t asking for a million things at once. If Clair were still in a deep sleep, I would knock out the most straightforward assignment(s), allowing me to check it off my “to-do list.” 

We are setting up time just for fun!

I knew the kids were getting bored being inside all day, every day. I made sure I took time away from studying to play with them or read to them. Pinterest is my go-to when it comes to looking up kid-friendly activities. One day I had found “animal exercises” for us to do since they are both out of school; neither one would be getting their P.E. time.

I also let their inner artist come out on the patio with chalk. The ideas that come to life once they put it down on the concrete is impressive to me. They both love it when I read to them, but mostly for bedtime. Author Dan Gutman has a series of books called ” My Weirdest School.” The reading levels are between first and second-grade. Grace is on her way to second grade; the majority of the vocabulary in the books are recognizable or should be for any child at that level. I bought the first book in the series to make sure we would like them, turns out we all loved it!

When I need serious focus time I,

Once I notice I’m getting behind on my studies, I make sure the children are put to bed earlier; that way, I have quiet time to myself. I step into a strict student mode. I have my laptop open, my notebook, and pen ready for notes on what I have to write about for through discussions; that way, my topic is persuasive and has substantial evidence. I find this is helpful for me when it comes to learned material verses, just remembering it for the test.

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