” Good decisions come from experience.” – Mark Twain

As the spring semester comes to an end, I’ve learned a lot more about social media. Through writing this blog alone, I have come across unique facts about myself. One is that I had fun learning how to code. Seriously, the more you know! Secondly, there are a million things you can write about on a blog. I learned that if you can jot down about ten possible posts for the overall site, that will help start the blog off strong. Lastly, writing a blog has pushed me to become better aware of my grammar, using punctuation the correct way. Being aware of my grammar will help me write essays suited at the college level. 

Room for Improvements

When I started to write for my blog, I felt the excitement. It was something new for me, and as I had mentioned before, I had thoughts of creating one before the spring semester. I am willingly open for improvements in posting, creating new pages, and advancing my coding skills to add more to my site. I’m planning on adding a page to my blog that will include summer activities, crafts that are easy for the kids, and posting about it weekly.

Best Experience Thus Far

My best experience throughout the whole semester was getting to do this project. I forced myself to learn how to write for media and open up. I feel I have introvert tendencies, so what better way to let that go was to put myself on the web. It allowed me to share insight on what it is like being a mother to young children while going through school. By doing so, it has helped out other mothers. This experience will help me become more efficient in my future career when it comes to writing. I could potentially help individuals create their blog sites or manage what kind of content will get traffic to a page. Having this knowledge is essential in my career path. 

Data Analysis

I got to look back on the stats, I noticed the week of February 24, through March 1 was the most popular. While I did get views on my other post, my “Welcome to my Blog,” was the most popular. There was a total of 107 observations. I believe this was the most popular because I had promoted it on my personal FaceBook long with Twitter. I wasn’t shocked that my stats were low during the semester; I was lacking in promoting my blog. The data was an eye-opener for me on what I know I want from my blog from here on out.

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