Texas State Plus Three is the creation of a project made for a class. The experience I got from making the blog has been fun. My name is Amanda; I’m ecstatic that you stumbled across my page. I hope the content on here is useful for your journey or for someone you know.

The Content

What you will read here are the tips I use to help me study in school while being a full-time mom. There are links provided for some of the supplies I use and recommend for anyone who likes simplicity. I also proved what helps me with my children, the routines we do at home, and fun activities.

Take It Day By Day

Education is essential regardless of the level. Do not let it take over your life, make sure to live life, and enjoy the precious moments along the way. It will be stressful from time to time; it will all be worth it in the end. So, keep your head held high and remember why you’re doing this.